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It's a story about me, throwback to my childhood. 

My childhood isn't like the other child who enjoy and able to play in playground. Many uncountable time by the time 1 year old, about 3 times more in each years I spend my time in hospital, till i grown in 5 years old. Wohoo, feel like a best loyal customer ever for that hospital, haha. I got used to conquer the syringe. More often my hand been decorated by calluses ship a.k.a kapal-kapalan (*lol, i mean i had infused, infusion board) Yes, i often got a fever with high temperature that can't be down till i had stip (convulsions)

One day, i got that stip at midnight. Therefore, my parents brought me to hospital directly. My father was panic, so he forgot his wallet. When arrived in hospital, the hospital asked the down payment first, and baby handled then. My father got angry, he persisted and asked to handle his baby first and down payment will be paid later because his forgot his wallet at home. The hospital still in their commitment, so i got late handle. In consequence, i had a longest sleep i ever had. Yes, the Baby got her coma. Unconditionally, my heart was thrilled and tears me down when i wrote this story.

The effect of stip still affected me until now, so i can't speak as well as others. Even though My parents worried about me at school whose afraid i can't understand the lessons well, they always supported me.Yeah, all of My family supported me. Cause ALLAH is the Best justice, behind my weakness that i can't speak as well as others, i can understand each lessons that my teacher teach. Moreover, i often got the ranking in my class. When i had junior high school in a boarding school, i got 2nd ranking in each semester, it was suprised me and my parents too. 

Sometimes, i got bullied by friends in school. Sometimes its hard for me, because they were not understand me. Many people also had underestimate of me. But i believe Allah always by my side. I always pray and be patient. Time flies, i had my diploma course in Umar Usman Business School. By the time in last day matriculation, I got the nomination as "Beyond Inspiring Student" (in Indonesian : "Mahasiswa Terinspiratif"). In there, i got many transformation in me, Alhamdulillah i've been an independent girl, i got more confident. In here i realized about my passion. It turned out 'writing' is my passion. Now, i can start my business writing.  I'm very happy, therefore i must always grateful to Allah for all i have. Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah, Alhamdulillah...

Anisa Habibah Continue Learning - anisahabibahuu.blogspot.co.id

Promise to continue learning, cause I believe, i can reach all my dream, because Allah always by my side.

That's it my short story about me, hope that inspiring enough, don't forget to believe in Allah, thankful for all we got and we have. Because Allah always by your side.




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