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Special Daughter From God, ANISA HABIBAH [Full Version]


Yuhuuuu, maybe this is the first time i blogging in ENGLISH language, but i swear, i often writing in English. Yes, you can see it on my Instagram posts. I beg apologize to all of you who read my blog, who read this blog, if my English not as well as the expert *lol :). Yeah, i promise to continue learning. Sooo, here it is my first English blog...!

Before i write in this blog, i've wrote this story in my instagram posts that you all can follow, @anisahabibah19 :) Now, i write in full version. 

Writing english blog
Special Daughter from God, Anisa Habibah

Special Daughter From God, ANISA HABIBAH
Written by Anisa Habibah

Hello, world! I think, Maybe this is the time for you all to know me! This is short story about me.

Hello, My name is Anisa Habibah... usually called "Nisa" or "Bibah". My parents, my teachers and some people often called me "Special Daughter from God". Although my weakness that i can't speak as well as normal people, I have abilities that everyone don't have. I'm enjoying my life like other's, always show that "happy me" looks and I am proud of myself. My writing skill is good, so I'd like to improve that. In my opinion, We are created by God in this life for a reason. Therefore, we must thank to God that He having us this amazing and blissful life. I always think, I can persuade, invite all of you to be yourself, to be grateful for all you have, to make something worth. Cause you all worth more than you think.

Alhamdulillah, i was born in a family who live in good vibes. I feel so blessed cause i have mom and daddy who always stand by me till i grown up now. I'm proud young sister who have elder brother and elder sister, they motivated me, maybe they are not so good in word (they little bit rude FYI *LOL *just kidding), so i can always keep my spirit. I have family who accepted me just the way i am... and of course, i have some closest friend, who always care about me.
Alhamdulillah, i realized that behind my imperfection, actually i have perfect life that Allah had given to me, Masya Allah... After many years I passed by with too much struggle, be patient, even the other made jokes behind my back, judging about me, I never be afraid. Cause i believe, Allah always by my side. I can learned, when i grateful for all i have, Allah always give something better, better, better for me... And so are you! :)

Special Daughter from God, ANISA HABIBAH written by Anisa Habibah

Alhamdulillah, that's short story about me, hope its inspiring all of you who read this my first english blog, hope can be useful for you all. So, Let's be grateful for all you have and make something worth!

So guys, are there any one of you who excited for my next english blog, or my writing, do you want me to write about me or something? Yassss absolutely you can comment below! Thank you!!! 


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